Marketing Intern

Affiliate Program Development, Email Marketing, Crowdfunding

You will help launch new marketing strategies and products.

In the short term, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the company vision, products, competitors, industry trends.
  • Gain an understanding of email marketing tools.
    • Mailchimp/SendFox
    • Others
  • Research affiliate programs.
    • Related to Crowd Funding (Kickstarter, Indegogo)
  • Analyze and gather data from past crowd funding projects.
  • Develop Affiliate Program Strategy.
  • Develop Crowdfunding strategy.
    • External Press  
    • Sales Page

In the long term, you will:

  • Collaborate to develop landing pages and product inserts to gather emails/customers.
    • Research and implement additional  strategies.
  • Develop an email program that increases value and reach of written educational content.
  • Launch an affiliate program that drives traffic to crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Collaborate to launch successful crowdfunding campaigns. 

What you bring to the table:

  • Excited by Entrepreneurship and a Start Up Environment: You are excited by a start up environment and want to make a significant impact. You take initiative and are not intimidated by creative freedom.
  • Experience with (or willingness to learn) Adobe Suite, Email Builders
  • Research, Data, Testing, & Iteration: You have a proven ability and willingness to develop and organize data. 
  • Solutions driven: You are a self starter and are willing to spend time understanding and solving problems. 
  • Remote-First: You are excited about the future of remote work and interested in testing and using new processes, tools, and ways of working that enable employees to work from anywhere while consistently producing fantastic work. You are less interested in when someone is working and more interested in the outcomes they produce. You are excited by the idea of helping make this a leading remote company to work for.
  • Visionary, Innovative, & Strategic: You have a track record of not only optimizing existing product lines but building new, revenue-generating product lines from the ground up that drive the business forward. You can identify and champion “blue sky” opportunities while still remaining true to our brand and our members.

Email your cover letter & resume to to apply.