How to Use a Scale When Making Espresso

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The brew ratio and shot duration have a significant impact on the flavor of your coffee. We advocate starting with a 1:1.5 brew ratio, aim for shot times of 25 to 30 seconds.
Step 1

Tare your portafilter by placing it on the scale, empty (and dry).

Step 2 – For single dosing

Weigh 18 grams for a double basket and 20 grams for a triple basket.  Fill the empty hopper halfway with whole beans and grind them.

Step 2 – For timed dosing

Manually grind into your portafilter until the grinds fill the basket and start to peek over the rim. Weigh your portafilter once again to make sure you have the right dose for the basket size – 14g for a single basket, 18g for a double, and 20g for a triple. To achieve this dose, adjust the grinds as needed. To calibrate your timed dose setting, keep track of how much time you spend grinding.

Step 3

Tamp the grinds and secure the portafilter in the group head of your machine.

Step 4

Place the cup and scale on the drip tray and tare the cup you’ll be pulling your shot into. Now you can start pulling your shot! Keep track of the weight of your liquid espresso and the time when you stop shooting.