Importance of a Coffee Scale

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Utilizing a coffee scale will allow you to take your espresso to the next level while also removing a lot of aggravation and wasted shots. A scale can be beneficial for a variety of coffee preparation methods. It just depends on what you prefer. A scale will be more accurate than using a tablespoon to measure for automatic drip coffee makers, french press/immersion, pour overs, iced coffee, AeroPress, and other methods. The scale can considerably boost the flavor of your coffee. It’s all about finding the proper coffee/water ratio and being able to replicate that result every time.

Why Coffee Scales are Important


Finding the appropriate amount of ground coffee to water is crucial when it comes to producing great coffee. Because different beans have different densities, volumetric measures are less precise than weighted readings. Additionally, the volume of your espresso can vary significantly depending on freshness and roast intensity, making a scale much more essential in determining your real brew ratio.

Consistency & Replicability

Once the coffee and water have been measured, a scale allows you to repeat the process with consistent results!


You can experiment with different espresso brew ratios using a scale to get the perfect shot. Some coffee will taste better at a 1:2 ratio, which will lighten the body and accent subtle flavors, but others will have a more fulfilling body in a 1:1 ratio. A scale is an important tool if you want more control over the flavor of your coffee or simply enjoy geeking out and discovering new flavors in each roast.

Reducing Waste

When using your grinder’s¬†time function, it’s easier to grind more coffee than you’ll need, resulting in wasted coffee. Weighted single doses can nearly completely eliminate waste.

Using a scale in this process can make all the difference, whether you're pulling shots or just making coffee.


Consistency is the foundation of specialty coffee.