Standard 10 Gallon Cold Brew Systems


  • Cylinder, 10-gallon standard container 
  • Snap-tight lid
  • Elevated draining platform
  • NSF certified dispensing spigot
  • Sample pack of filters and ties
  • Laminated use guide and recipe card with carabiner clip


The Alliance Cold Brew Brewer has premium components at an economical price! Everything needed to prepare up to 32 quarts (8 gallons) of Ready-To-Drink cold brew coffee or cold brew concentrate is included with this system, just add coffee and water.

Elevated Platform:

No expense was spared on the included elevated platform. Made from heavy materials with over-sized holes on the sides as well as the bottom for quicker draining. It is safe and easy to handle.

Brewer and lid:

Cylinder, NSF-certified polyethylene brewing containers, and polypropylene lids are made in the USA, commercially dishwasher safe and highly stain and odor resistant for long, worry-free use. The low-profile, high strength integrated handles make it easy to move it around the shop whether full or empty. 

Dispensing spigot: 

The included NSF certified, USA manufactured spigot is the premium industry standard. Made from resilient, corrosion and stain resistant polypropylene, these dispensers are built to stand up to the abuses of a commercial environment.


Easy from start to finish: Every Alliance Cold Brew Brewer includes a handy and durable laminated quick start guide with a carabiner to clip onto the lid or storage rack. The back side dry erase surface can be used to record the recipe as prepared to label the contents or for testing different brews!

Clean and simple: With the Cold Brew Brewer, cold brew coffee preparation is simple and straight-forward! Place the riser into the brewer followed by the PLA filter and fold the filter top over the rim of the brewer. Add ground coffee and water, stir, then let it steep. Gather the top of the filter and twist to close, lift straight above the brewer, place stainless steel colander onto brewer, resting rim on rim, and place filter with grounds into colander. After draining, dispose of used filter, dispense cold brew into serving or storage container and refrigerate.

Minimize space and waste, maximize efficiency and profits with the Alliance Cold Brew Brewer™!

Frequently asked questions

PLA (polylactic acid), a biopolymer material derived from annually grown plants like corn.

We recommend a 1:1 (pound:gallon) for a RTD and a 2:1 as a concentrate. Contact us for more information and guidance!