Cold Brew Dispenser Filter 10 pack – Wholesale Case of 12

  • 2” Poly-fiber discs
  • Works with the leading commercial and home cold brewers
  • Refines cold brew to 5 microns
  • Does not alter or influence taste
  • Woven design for consistent flow-through


At half the thickness of other brands, Alliance Brew Gear™ dispenser filters won’t slow draining when the cold brew is ready. Whether it’s cold brew concentrate or ready-to-drink, the woven polyester material of these filters removes virtually all particulates, refining the finished product to 5 microns.

CompatibleAlliance Brew Gear™ Commercial Cold Brewer PLA filters work with the leading cold brewers and commercial systems.

  • Alliance Brew Gear™ Commercial Cold Brewers
  • Toddy® Commercial Cold Brew Coffee System1
  • Filtron® Pro Commercial Cold Brew System2
  • Brewista® Cold Pro®, Cold Pro® 2, and Cold Pro® 43

Frequently asked questions

Using an outlet filter in creates a much “cleaner” end product. The lack of micro grinds in the final product means your cold brew retains it’s flavor throughout its shelf life. 

Yes! You need to filter your cold brew to 5 microns to prevent clogged taps!

We recommend a 1:1 (pound:gallon) for a RTD and a 2:1 as a concentrate. Contact us for more information and guidance!

1 Toddy® is a registered trademark of Toddy, LLC Limited Liability Corporation Colorado. These products are not endorsed by Toddy®.

2 Filtron® is a registered trademark of Same Day Distributing, Inc. Corporation California.  These products are not endorsed by Same Day Distributing, Inc.

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