Why Alliance Brew Gear?


Alliance Brew Gear is the clean winner when it comes to choosing a cold brew filter. Since we manufacture our filtersin the USA, shipping and storage costs are low, so you pay a fair, low price! After all, who wants to pay a lot of money for a one use item?


Our high-quality commercial and home brewer size cold brew filters work with the leading cold brewers and are made of PLA (polylactic acid), a biopolymer material derived from annually grown plants like corn. That means that no trees are harmed when making these filters!


These premium filters are made in a certified clean room. They have a neutral odor and taste, so the only flavor in your cold brew is what you put into it! Thanks to the uniform woven design, they provide smooth flow-through for consistent cold brew batch after batch. The web-like silky material traps fines and bitter acids while letting the delicious cold brew extraction come through.


PLA heat-sealed seams are more robust than heat-sealed paper, which makes them far more tear-resistant than other filters. Thicker than traditional paper filters, they can stand up to a wet batch of grounds. To reduce the likelihood of tears and spills, it is recommended to drain the finished cold brew, then dump out the used filter. Home brewer filters are easily lifted and discarded once the cold brew is drained, so clean up is simple and easy! 

We run lean, so you save!

No expensive packaging

We use off the shelf boxes and mailers. We’ve even been known to recycle other packaging!

No inflated shipping costs

We work with all shippers to ensure the best prices.

No slick marketing campaigns

We rely on word of mouth, so we work hard for recommendations.

No salesperson salaries

Our customers are smart enough to know what they want.